Betty Jackman - Author, Genealogist. Author of about Bendigo and Central Victoria.
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Author Betty Jackman specialises in history and genealogy in the Bendigo, Central Victoria region in Australia.

Information updated: August 29, 2011

New book: Bendigo Advertiser Births, Deaths and Marriages Notices
Volume 4: 1911-1920 - now available (limited distribution only)

Available for purchase.

An A4 bound (photocopied) version, font size 12, with front cover. It covers the birth, death and marriages notices listed in the Bendigo Advertiser spanning the years 1911 through to 1920. There are no plans to print this book in a bound-version.


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Betty M. Jackman
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Victoria, Australia

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Mayors of Bendigo

Available: Mayors of Bendigo 1856-2001

Available for purchase (only a few remaining copies available).

Mayors of Bendigo is a highly acclaimed history of the Local Government of Bendigo.

In addition to providing a rich history on each of Bendigo's Mayors, it provides history on the origin and formation of Bendigo and its Council, Town Clerks, Councillors of the City of Bendigo, Bendigo's Amalgamation, Coat of Arms, Mayoral Chain, and its Town Hall.

The book is heavily indexed, contains a large and rich assortment of photographs (including rare, previously unpublished photos from private collections & city archives) and provides extensive bibliographic information.

260 printed pages, with forward by Major J A Ballsillie, M.B.E., proudly typeset and printed locally in Bendigo and Maryborough, Victoria, Australia. ISBN 0 9578260 01 (Front cover shown)


  • Softcover
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Softcover: Send cheque, with your own mailing address to:
Betty M. Jackman
Mandurang P.O. 3551.
Victoria, Australia

Please email ordering questions to: Betty Jackman

About Mayors of Bendigo - 1856-2001:

It was early in 1856 that steps were taken to elect a council and the first municipal elections were held in Bendigo.

This book of over 260 pages tells the history of the Bendigo Council, Councillors, Town Clerks and Mayors, plus a background history of early Bendigo, the Town Hall Mayoral Chain/Coat of Arms etc. It also records the stories of those who determined the history of local Government in Bendigo.

Many early photographs of Bendigo have been hidden for decades in Council Archives, some photographs are from private collections.

Included in the book

  • Bendigo - A Question of date
  • Origins of the name Bendigo
  • Re-collections of the Origin of the City - by Joseph Anderson Panton 1831-1913
  • Sandhurst as a City
  • The Formation of a Council & election of a Mayor
  • Complete list of Councillors of the City of Bendigo

Also includes biographies of:

Town Clerks from 1856

William Hopkins  – (b) 1803 Co. Antrim, Ireland (d) 1863 Bendigo
George Avery Fletcher  – (b) 1826 Derby, England (d) 1876 Bendigo
Thomas William McCulloch  – (b) 1818 Scotland (d) 1892 Bendigo
William Dixon Campbell Denovan  – (b) 1829 Scotland (d) 1906 Bendigo
William Honeybone  – (b) 1859 Bendigo (d) 1938 Melbourne
Henry Chapman Ingleton  – (b) 1882 Sale, Victoria (d) 1933 Melbourne
Frederick Thomas Amer  – (b) 1888 Bendigo (d) 1958 Bendigo
A J (Jack) Watts
C Keith Beamish
Ray J Burton

Mayors 1856-2001:

Edward Nucella Emmett  – (b) 1817 London, (d) 1874 Sydney
James Forrester Sullivan  – (b) 1817 Waterford, Ireland (d) 1876 Melbourne
William Vazie Simons  – (b) 1823 Dublin, Ireland (d) unknown
Joseph Henry Abbott  – (b) 1830 Birmingham, England (d) 1904 Bendigo
James Joseph Casey  – (b) 1831 Co.Clare, Ireland (d) 1913 Melbourne
Robert Strickland  – (b) 1833 Bristol, England (d) 1889 Bendigo
Robert Burrowes  – (b) 1825 Ottawa, Canada (d) 1893 Bendigo
John McIntyre  – (b) 1832 Glasgow, Scotland (d) 1904 Melboune
John Holmes  – (b) 1834 Derby, England (d) 1893 Bendigo
George Aspinall  – (b) 1831 Lancashire, England (d) 1883 Bendigo
Dr James Boyd  – (b) 1830 Beith, Scotland (d) 1909 Melbourne
Dugald Macdougall  – (b) 1832 Greenock, Scotland (d) 1879 Bendigo
John Augustus Woodward  – (b) 1838 Hobart, Tasmania (d) 1884 Bendigo
Robert Clark  – (b) 1841 Northumberland (d) 1883 Bendigo
Henry Hattam  – (b) 1830 St Just, Cornwall (d) 1876 Bendigo
Ebenezer Neill  – (b) 1824 Ayrshire, Scotland (d) 1878 Melbourne
Alexander Bayne  – (b) 1826 Kirkliston, Scotland (d) 1905 Bendigo
David Chaplin Sterry  – (b) 1832 Suffolk, England (d) 1904 Bendigo
Patrick Hayes  – (b) 1835 Co.Limerick, Ireland (d) 1894 Bendigo
Walter George Jackson  – (b) 1828 London (d) 1884 Bendigo
Abraham Harkness  – (b) 1829 Northumberland, England (d) 1912 Bendigo
Alfred Shrapnell Bailes  – (b) 1849 London (d) 1928 Melbourne
John Delbridge  – (b) 1845 St Agnes, Cornwall (d) 1918 Melbourne
Samuel Henry McGowan  – (b) 1845 Ireland (d) 1921 Bendigo
Thomas Jefferson Connelly  – (b) 1858 Bendigo (d) 1892 Kerang, Victoria
Jacob Isaac Cohn  – (b) 1830 Horsens, Denmark (d) 1911 Bendigo
John Paul Carolin  – (b) 1835 Tasmania (d) 1918 Malvern, Melbourne
John Robert Hoskins  – (b) 1836 St Agnes, Cornwall (d) 1905 Bendigo
Daniel Barnet Lazarus  – (b) 1866 Bendigo (d) 1932 Melbourne
Conrad Heinz  – (b) 1846 Frankfort-on-Maine, Germany (d) 1896 Bendigo
Harry Montague Marks  – (b) 1855 Bendigo (d) 1916 Bendigo
Simeon Ryan  – (b) 1850 Tipperary, Ireland (d) 1921 Bendigo
James Henry Curnow  – (b) 1861 Cornwall, (d) 1932 Bendigo
Ambrose Dunstan  – (b) 1855 Melbourne (d) 1931 Bendigo
Luke Murphy  – (b) 1869 Sale, Gippsland (d) 1954 Melbourne
James Semmens  – (b) C.1861 Cornwall (d) Elwood, Melbourne
Andrew Harkness  – (b) 1873 Bendigo (d) 1929 Melbourne
David John Andrew  – (b) 1866 Castlemaine (d) 1928 Bendigo
William Henry Wilkie  – (b) 1869 Eaglehawk (d) 1938 Bendigo
Henry Astwood Ross  – (b) 1870 Bungaree, Victoria (d) unknown
William Beebe Jnr  – (b) Bendigo (d) 1920 Bendigo
Richard Hartley Smith Abbott  – (b) 1858 Bendigo (d) 1940 Bendigo
James Edward Holland  – (b) 1878 Maryborough, Victoria (d) 1958 Melbourne
Michael Gabriel Giudice  – (b) 1882 Bendigo (d) 1947 Bendigo
Ernest Morton Vains  – (b) 1881 Kerang (d) 1951 Bendigo
William Ewing  – (b) Mandurang, Victoria (d) 1948 Bendigo
John Andrew Michelsen  – (b) 1868 Orange, New South Wales (d) 1955 Bendigo
Edwin George Batchelder  – (d) 1874 Bendigo (d) 1945 Bendigo
Michael Eugene O'Brien  – (b) 1868 Dunolly, Victoria (d) 1957 Melbourne
William Henry Taylor  – (b) 1880 Rushworth, Victoria (d) 1955 Melbourne
George Dawson Garvin  – (b) 1880 Bendigo (d) 1942 Bendigo
Frederick Conrad Niemann  – (b) 1879 Sale, Victoria (d) 1947 Bendigo
George Bennetts  – (b) 1879 Bendigo (d) 1967 Bendigo
Albert Staples  – (b) 1889 Bendigo (d) 1950 Bendigo
William May Bolton  – (b) 1869 Bristol, England (d) 1950 Bendigo
George Albert Pethard  – (b) 1885 Ballarat (d) 1961 Bendigo
Alfred John Anderson  – (b) 1879 Leichardt, Victoria (d) 1943 Bendigo
Leslie William Galvin  – (b) 1903 New South Wales (d) 1966 Bendigo
Anthony Truscott (b) 1884 Long Gully (d) 1979 Bendigo
David William Streader  – (b) 1887 Golden Square (d) 1978 Bendigo
Ernest Frederick Granger (b) 1902 Boulder W.A. (d) 1977 Melbourne
Robert Poulston  – (b) 1885 Golden Square (d) 1970 Bendigo
Norman Joseph Oliver  – (b) 1903 Albury N.S.W. (d) 1985 Mt Eliza, Victoria
Thomas Richard Flood  – (b) 1907 Bendigo (d) 1994 Bendigo
Frederick William Clayton  – (b) 1903 Kerang (d) 1978 Mooroopna, Victoria
Henry William Snell  – (b) 1919 Leongatha, Victoria (d) 1982 Melbourne
Alexander Sadler Craig  – (b) 1913 Melbourne (d) 1998 Geelong
Rupert Harold Thomas Wilson  – (b) 1913 Bendigo (d) 1989 Ballarat
Roy Alexander Rae  – (b) 1915 Seymour, Victoria (d) 1990 Geelong
Roy Francis Turner  – (b) 1923 Golden Square (d) 1987 Bendigo
Rodney Warren Cambridge
James Clarkson McCoy Jeffrey
Douglas Ewan Elliott
Joseph Patrick Pearce
Robert Lindsay Campbell  – (b) 1914 (d) 1989 Bendigo
Robert Russell Cooper
Eugene Carl Sandner  – (b) 1906 Bendigo (d) 1999 Bendigo
Paul T Tomkinson
Christopher David Stoltz
Peter Mansell
Norman Francis Quin
Michael Alexander Anthony Currie  – (b) 1949 India (d) 1993 Bendigo
Colin Mayne Nankervis
Robin L Adams
Peter R Morley
James Douglass
Andrew John Balsillie
Megan Weston
Barry Ackerman
Maurice Sharkey
Daryl McClure
Laurie Whelan